About company

The company Foranx LLC works in the market of automation of financial institutions and consulting services since 2004. It was created as a result of the transformation of ST-Soft company , one of the participants of the holding ST-Group. Since July 2007 the company exists as an independent structure.

The company Foranx provides services for the development, implementation and support of automated banking systems (development of its own software, localization, implementation and support of software partners).

Foranx has signed the partnership agreement with Temenos according to which the Company has the right to participate in Temenos Transact (T24), Temenos Analytics and Temenos Infinity implementation projects as a service partner.

In October 2019 Foranx became official Temenos Managed Upgrade Services Partner. The new partnership status confirms high professional level, qualifications and compliance of our company with the standards of the Temenos upgrade methodology.

In November 2021 Foranx became official Temenos Development Partner. 

Consultants of our company have taken part and continue to take part in projects on the introduction of financial systems in a number of well-known banks and non-bank financial institutions of the CIS, as well as countries of near and far abroad.

All works on implementation and support of projects are carried out by highly qualified specialists of the Company, among them: project managers, business analysts, technical consultants and QA specialists. Almost all our specialists came to the Company, already having experience in the field of IT or business units of various banks. The accumulated experience allows them from the first day to actively engage in work: to set tasks, to find effective ways to solve them, to participate in local development and testing of the implemented system.

Services provided by Foranx allow our clients to significantly reduce operational risks, implement best international business practices, increase efficiency and improve the quality of their services, while reducing their costs.



The company's logo uses gray and blue colors.

Even in the XIX-XX centuries, gray color became the color of elegance, a sign of good tone,
high taste. The only goal of a person or a community of people who chose gray is stability and harmony.

The blue color, framing gray, correlates with high social status, stability, dignity and wealth. The intertwining of letters in the name of the Company symbolizes the cohesion, at first glance, of very different people and approaches, a common idea and goal, which are the creation and maintenance of order in the affairs of each individual client.

Company name is a combination of two words:

  fora = forums - forum (square in ancient Rome, which was the center of life)
  nx = non-expendable - inexhaustible, reusable.

We are mobile, flexible and follow the interests of our customers. It gives us great pleasure to help you improve your business and make your possibilities inexhaustible.