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Similar to any software, T24 also has a systems development life cycle.

Temenos releases a new version of Temenos T24 every year with newer functionality to keep up with the growing demands of the market. This yearly release is called a GA release which stands for Generally Available release, and is numbered like R19, R20…. Each release is compatible with previous one, enabling clients to plan an upgrade strategy and take advantage of a growing system functionality.

Temenos does not modify the product for each client: there is only one version of the source code and this is the strategy that allows the continuous enhancement of Temenos T24 and making it available to all existing clients.

Each new release includes important enhancements to the functionality of the system (e.g. new modules are introduced to reflect the new products offered at the market, existing modules are enhanced with additional functionality, bug fixing, technological changes, etc).

Every new release is provided with the highlights of the release that is clearly describing all the amendments and additions performed with this release in the functionality (business or technical) of the system.

Foranx company provides full range of services with regard to Temenos T24 upgrade: starting from analysis of necessity of upgrade, potential of bottlenecks of system and till post-upgrade testing and documenting.

The entire process of upgrade is covered by a following stages of Temenos methodology:



On this stage a project agreement detailing the overall structure, key areas for consideration, a budget, agreement on resources and a project plan with clear objectives will be created and the process detailing how those objectives will be met.

Both the project agreement and plan should be agreed and signed off by all parties involved.

This stage will also cover the process design for the monitoring and control of the project budget and the initial upgrade of T24 environment for analysis purposes


Analysis of functional changes in the new release

Analysis is carried out over all Temenos T24 modules used by the client in their practice. During the analysis, the parameters of the Temenos T24 system are updated, so the basic functions of the system work on the new release of  T24 in the same manner as in the previous version.

The deliverable of this stage is the document for each business area with described changes between T24 releases and recommendations on system setup taking into account the scope of new release.


Modification of local code

Considering that the Temenos T24 system allows to create customer’s own local developments for specific banking processes, and many banks have their own local developments, then during the upgrade, there is a need to align local developments with the requirements of the Temenos T24 new release. During this stage Foranx consultants find all difference (gap) between local developments of current system and Temenos T24 new release, offer the remedy of each difference caused by the upgrade to T24 new release and modify a local code and perform testing of local development functioning. The deliverable of this stage is a document with a list of local developments that have been modified due to changes in the new release.


Analysis and interface modification

Analysis and interface modification stage involve checking of external interfaces with Temenos T24 system. In case if the non-conformities and faults are revealed because of T24 new release after client testing, Foranx will recommend different options for changing the interface. The deliverable of this stage is the T24 external interfaces analysis document.



This stage will define the test strategy. It consists of system integration testing and user acceptance testing.

The testing stage is standardized to ensure that all new functionality has been tested to the same standard and in line with the same principles and with agreed test cases.

The testing will ensure the correct operation of parameter settings within the system and guarantee the client can use the system to meet all their business requirements.

During the test the “Upgrade Procedure” document is finally completed and to be further used by the Client on the project milestone “Go-live”.



The stage covers go-live plan development and execution of complete the step-by-step Upgrade procedure.

The deliverable of the stage is the Temenos T24 new release that is operational on the production environment.


Post Live support

The final stage of Upgrade project is a Support of the system (usually, within a month) and, as a rule, implies onsite presence of several Foranx consultants on the agreed with the Client period of time.

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