Temenos Products

Temenos Group AG is a global provider of banking software systems in the Retail, Corporate & Correspondent, Universal, Private, Islamic and Microfinance & Community banking markets. Having headquartered in Geneva with more than 60 offices worldwide, Temenos serves over 1000 customers in more than 120 countries.

Temenos company and its’ products

Temenos Transact (T24) - is a product that provides advanced technology and rich functionality, incorporating best banking practice processes that leverage Temenos’ experience in over 600 implementations around the globe. Temenos’ advanced and automated implementation approach, provided by its strong Client Services organisation, ensures efficient and low-risk core banking platform migrations.

Temenos Transact Key Features:

  • Modular Architecture (Component-based)
    • Product breadth
    • Supermarket, buy what you need
  • Integrated
    • Centralised Limit and Risk management
    • Multi : Bank, Currency, Language, Time-zone
  • Flexible and Parameter Driven
    • User Customisable – Independent of supplier
    • Rapid time to market
  • Open
    • Standard integration architecture
    • Platform neutrality
  • Real-time and mission critical
    • 24 * 7 * 365 Non Stop
    • Scalable
  • Highly automated – Straight Through Processing
  • Controlled autonomy – choose level of independence
  • Regular and simple software upgrade strategy
  • Best Business Practice

Analytics – Temenos Analytics are fully integrated with Temenos Transact and provides banking specific analytical solutions that improve business decisions, optimize performance and enrich customer interaction.

Temenos Analitics includes pre-built DWH based on the data from Temenos Transact with a focus on banking business. The standard configuration consists of models and data cubes, reports and dashboards specifically developed for all key managers and business users. These reports in Temenos Analitics can easily be customized on bank specific requirements and local laws, and new reports or data cubes for bank specific analytic reports can be easily created.

Channels -Pre-packaged, multi-channel, regional and vertical solutions are available, ensuring rapid deployment and speed to market. The solutions are seamlessly integrated into Temenos Core Banking and encompass rich, domain-specific functionality, whilst providing an optimum user experience. The solutions include:

  • Internet Banking for Retail
  • Internet Banking for Wealth
  • Internet Banking for Corporate
  • Mobile Banking for Retailа

All solutions are easily customised for specific functional requirements. Also, common business processes, known as components, can add enhanced functionality to your solution and can be used across all verticals. This enables maximum business reuse, reduces maintenance costs, increases speed to market and ensures best practices are applied across the enterprise.    

Financial Crime – Temenos Financial Crime product family is a range of intelligent, analytical detection engines that are accurate, fast, easy to configure, and simple to use. Its sophisticated approach ensures increased efficiency, by saving time and lowering data-mining costs for enhanced decision making and improved collaboration, ultimately completely mitigating against risk. You choose the solution you need, whether it be to combat money laundering, accurately screen against sanctions lists or ensure customer enhanced due diligence.

Front Office – Front Office is a key enabler of digital engagement throughout the customer's lifecycle, with both staff and customers benefiting from the product's multi-channel capabilities. Through the system's powerful data analytics, financial institutions can gain valuable insights into customers' lifestyles and transactional behaviors. This enables them to offer a personalized customer experience through timely and relevant advice, customized offers and rewards, and relationship-based pricing. 

Payments – A complete payment software solution for retail, private and corporate banking. The Payments product family uses Temenos award winning technology and multiple components and advanced tools. This gives banks the agility to develop a wide range of white label businesses quickly; anything from mobile payment solutions to liquidity management services such as cash consolidation. With Temenos Payments product family you can now offer personalised services seamlessly to your customers across the globe.

The Payments product family offers an advanced architecture which provides product flexibility, tailored services and increased processing capacity to your mass payments capabilities. This gives you the control to quickly and effectively react to changing market demands and competitor threats, whilst reducing your maintenance risks and costs. The system is made up of components which follow a structured process to allow seamless processing. It can prioritise payments, and once prioritised, payments only receive the necessary and relevant processing. The main modules that are available (but are not limited to) are:

  • Payments Hub
  • Payments Repair

Temenos also has many other product families.

Click link to find more detailed information: www.temenos.com/en/solutions/products/.