There are two types of training available:


Standard Training during the T24 implementation

Training courses aligned with Temenos methodology are delivered either on Client site or at Foranx or Temenos training centres.

There is a specific task in the Temenos Implementation Methodology that is called the Training Needs Analysis that ensures the appropriate training agenda is arrived at, with specific training cases and materials intended to maximize the effectiveness of the training for all the participants.

The preferred method of training is to be defined prior to the Analysis stage. This involves identifying all the key users (‘Super Users‘) and arranging the appropriate training programme. Super Users are the main personnel involved in the project from the client side.

Once the users requiring training have been identified, the manager contacts the client to discuss the training approach. The following topics are to be discussed: where and when the training is to be delivered and what type of training best suits the Client’s requirements.


Client Tailored Training

Training is delivered solely based around the clients business. Irrelevant topics are removed from our standard courses and replaced with additional client specific products and transactions. In case this method is selected then the Foranx training manager first visit the client to analyse all training requirements. The course material will then be devised, and delivered to the client on the pre agreed dates.

Once the appropriate method has been identified every trainee is to attend an Introduction/Overview course covering system navigation and how to use the main Temenos T24 tools and applications.

Then Super Users has to attend courses designed to cover their specific business stream, for example credit or treasury. This type of course looks at the specific area in detail and shows the users how to set up more complex and detailed requirements.