Our company provides system optimization services using many years’ experience in implementing and supporting the Temenos T24 system.

Our specialists help the Client to Identify performance bottlenecks at all levels Temenos T24 architecture.

Practical experience in different projects and different systems allows our company to give valuable advices, as well as fine-tune the system to the Bank’s needs.

During the system optimization process, our company can check out the local code used in the Bank, for the use of outdated and deprecated for use by Temenos operations and commands, and may assist in changing them. The tools at the disposal of our company allow meeting local code service requests, the source code of which have been lost for system’s operation over the year.  

Besides, advices can be given on safe logout of certain transactions, made during the COB with the aim of reducing the overall time of this service.

Our company carries out the following set of works:

ОS Layer level optimization

Advices can be given on:

  • setting up correct user’s restrictions ;
  • number of cores (CPUs) and number of RAM;
  • replacement the file system of disk space and increase its speed .

Network layer optimization

Advices can be given on valid network configuration and on removing of the applicable net adapters in case if they all in all greatly influence on system performance.

DB layer tuning

Advices can be given on:

  • changing of file types or tables that store the date;
  • building and rebuilding indexes for the most commonly used files;
  • disabling database operations that effect on system performance;
  • configuration preferences, resulting in performance improvement.

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